The Modern Recordist Podcast – EP: 010 – The 15 Minute Mixdown – All about recording drums!

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Whoohoo! We’ve already done 10 episodes of The Modern Recordist. We launched this podcast in early June, and boom, cranked out 10 episodes… juz lyke et…

This episode is another edition of The 15 Minute Mixdown, the alternate episodes to the more long-form shows with an in-studio guest. But as this particular installment of The 15 Minute Mixdown actually clocks in at around 51 minutes, we’re unofficially calling it the not so 15 Minute Mixdown.

On this episode, JD and I talk about simple tips for recording drums. Go ahead and listen now:

If you want more simple tips on recording drums, check out my resource page Recording Drums 101

Recording drums can be tricky and overwhelming for beginners or seasoned pros. So I put together a resource that simplifies the process, and keeps your mind in the creative zone. Go check it out…


I’m thrilled that I get to be involved in something that creates meaning and resonates with you. Thanks for being subscribed and listening. Here’s to our first 10 episodes together, and to 10 more after that, and 10 more after that, and 10 more after that, and even 10 more after that… forever ;-)

The Modern Recordist is brought to you by Jon Stinson (that’s me!), JD Tiner, and Parrish.

I’ve got a bunch of blog posts on recording, mixing, producing, and creativity. Spend some time poking around and reading all that good stuff. Check out my Projects page to peruse my album credits. And if you’re interested in working with me on your next project, definitely get in touch via my Contact page

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The Modern Recordist is my brand new podcast where I, along with my co-host JD Tiner, sit down with artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers to talk about designing and living your life as an artistic visionary. It’s a fun journey that’s insightful, entertaining, and informative.

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That’s it for this week. There’s more next week. Until then, go live your extraordinary life of an artistic visionary, and create something impactful in the world.


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