The Return of Sunday Shoegaze: Wild Nothing – Take Two

“I sold myself… for a shot at the moon…”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made an installment of my weekly blog series Sunday Shoegaze – which I ran on my previous blog, Producer Notes.

Earlier this year, I pretty much retired Producer Notes when I launched this new site which now serves as my official site. There’s been so much going on this year – from a bunch of recording and writing, to becoming a partner at Glass Onion Recording – That I have not been very active on this new site or blog. I’m aiming to change that with Sunday Shoegaze being a kind of (re)-kick off.

To bring back the weekly series, I decided that I would again feature the band Wild Nothing (which primarily consists of Jack Tatum). I first featured Wild Nothing in one of my early Sunday Shoegaze posts from 2012, when I was captivated by their beautifully lulling song and video “Live In Dreams”

Since then they have released several albums, and me and my mates have been jamming the Wild Nothing catalog quite a bit. Lately, we’ve all really been enjoying “A Dancing Shell”

In true Wild Nothing fashion, this track utilizes all the signature melodies, textures, and super dreamy moods that faithfully make them who they are (or Tatum who he is… whatever…). And quite possibly the best ingredient of the song all together is the opening line – “I sold myself… for a shot at the moon…”

Recommended uses: cruzin on a beautiful sunny LA afternoon, sipping coffee under headphones while dreaming in the cool crisp air of a pacific northwest kinda rain, livin life with your mates in the midnite streets, beautiful makeout sessions, and falling in love with someone you’ve never seen before from across the room at a party.

Also, if you’re interested, here’s my Wild Nothing post from 2012: Sunday Shoegaze – Wild Nothing




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  1. John Northrup says:

    I really like the production on this, it has enough structure to propel it along at a decent clip, but enough organic vibe to make it nicely textured and nuanced. Thanks for the exposure to the Wild Nothing!

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