Artistic And Musical Recordings

The modern day recording culture has become a place that is very fragmented. Gone are the days of making records in a conventional recording studio under traditional circumstances. With the proliferation of computer based recording platforms, such as Pro Tools, there is an endless variety of ways to create and record your music. The tools used for making records have become relatively affordable, and with more artists finding themselves relying on their own resources instead of that of a record label, it’s easy to become distracted with what piece of gear you need to buy to make your music sound great, instead of simply concentrating on writing and performing great songs.

When shaping the sound of your record, however, the magic is not in buying gear but choosing an engineer who has the experience and skill set to know the appropriate recording medium, microphone, EQ, or compressor to use, and when and how to use each one of these things in a creative and musical way that fits your artistic identity. This is what truly gives your music the right vibe when it is captured in a recording.

I keep my constant focus on the creative and imaginative qualities of your music, so that the end result sounds:

Natural – It sounds like humans making artistic choices to convey a specific set of emotions

Organic – It sounds artistic and musical

True to your identity – It communicates your message and is authentic to who you are

Instead of derailing your creative process with all the tedious technical details that go into making a recording, work smarter and hire a true recording engineer who is aware that making a brilliant record in these unconventional times requires a non-traditional and creative approach, and is familiar with the best aspects of both modern and vintage recording practices necessary to create a sonic vibe around your music that is as unique as your style and sound.