Lemolo in Nashville 11/21

Lemolo tour comes to Nashville 11/21/15

Show promotion. Been a while since I’ve done that. But I’m a sucker for dream pop.

And when my good friend Austin over at closeup.fm reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in helping put something together for Lemolo’s Nashville tour stop, I took one quick listen to their dream pop magic and said, “I’m in.”

So I rounded up some pals, and together we’re organizing the Nashville tour stop for the Seattle dream pop band Lemolo, as they take out on their “Red Light Return” album release tour across the States.

Check out all the dates for this tour, and get your tickets by hitting this tour page

Lemolo is a Seattle-based dream pop project from musician and artist Meagan Grandall.

It’s a perfect blend between spooky-dark and moody melodies, that float from vocal chords, pianos, and keyboards, all mixed with the punch of tight drum grooves, and the teeth of gritty bass lines. A dust cloud of diamonds and absinthe, suspended in the air. Bewitching.

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