Sunday Shoegaze – My Bloody Valentine: Live From Chicago Edition

My Bloody Valentine 2013 group promo picture

I’ve featured My Bloody Valentine before in a “Sunday Shoegaze” post (when I was publishing it on the Producer Notes blog), but since MBV is playing a show in Chicago tonite I thought it most appropriate to feature them for today’s edition. Guess they knew about my weekly series, so they decided to celebrate with a Sunday show…

Check out the video for “Only Shallow” from My Bloody Valentine – the ones who made the shoegaze genre famous, and recorded the innovative Loveless album, one of the most influential albums of all time (although most don’t realize it).

Honestly kinda wish MBV had played last nite so that I could feature some personally captured live footage today.

Recommended uses: having your ears blown out at the ultimate shoegaze live show ever, which is what I’m going to do tonite…


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