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Recently, I hit up a bunch of my friends to ask them what their biggest challenge is when writing and recording music. A lot of the responses I got had to do with finding and maximizing creative flow.

So I decided I’d make this edition of The Producer’s Notes all about 5 ways you can find your creative flow.

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Throughout this episode, I mention quite a few resources. Below you will find links to all the resources I mentioned in this episode.

Neil Gaiman’s 2012 commencement speech to The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. This 20 minute video is packed full of advice and inspiring wit to get you shifted in a creative state, and ready to “Make Good Art”

Watch Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” commencement speech here

The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield. Yep, you saw this one coming. If you’ve been listing to TMR for a little while, you know that this is the most recommend book of this podcast. I guess you could say it’s the unofficial [NOT]sponsor of the show. And indeed, if you have been listening for a while, but have not yet bought this book. Uh… buy the book and read it already…

Buy “The War Of Art” Here (this is an Amazon affiliate link. I’d love it if you would support The Modern Recordist by purchasing The War Of Art through my affiliate link).

And here’s links to the four movement practices I mentioned on the show. There’s been a new philosophy of “movement” that has cropped up in recent years, and the folks at these links are the thought leaders in this area that are challenging us to re-think fitness beyond lifting weights and running on treadmills at the gym.

This stuff is the real deal, friends. The way our nervous system and so many other parts of our bodies are intertwined, a good movement practice=more neural connections=more artistic creativity. Check this stuff out…

Ido Portal’s website

Scott Sonnon’s YouTube Channel


GMB Fitness

Then the meditation stuff… As I mentioned on the show, Tim Ferriss has said that the single most common trait he has observed in the world-class entrepreneurs and billionaires, world-class athletes, and world-class artists that he’s had on his show have, is that they all meditate. Seems like we should be paying attention to that observation, yeah?

I’ve had a pretty decent (yet at times inconsistent) meditation practice, and there’s definitely mental and cognitive (creativity booster) benefits I’ve experienced over time.

I use the Centerpointe Holosync system of binaural beats. I’ve heard some folks say binaural beats are a load of BS. My thought is, even if they are, it’s still an easy way for me to get consistent meditation time in every day. But I don’t think binaural beats is/are BS.

Centerpoine Research Institute

Another option for a meditation tool is the Headspace app that I’ve heard Tim Ferriss talk about a bunch on his podcast. I’ve never used this app, but plan to check it out soon. It also sounds like a good tool to help you get started, if you’re new to meditation.


Lastly (but not actually) on my action item list to find your creative flow, is to make sure you’re educating yourself, and seeking new information in the areas of health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, memory, neuroscience, meditation, and all the endless amount of new ideas we now have access to via the distribution of information (yes, sometimes misinformation) on the internet.

Find something your interested in, expand your understanding of it, and implement it into your life. If you would like a suggestion on a resource in a particular area, hit me up on my Contact Page

And of course, the bonus item. I certainly can’t let you miss out on knowing about my email list. Make sure you get signed up to my email list, as I regularly share stuff on ways to get into creative flow, as well as songwriting, producing, recording, and mixing tips.

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Alright, that’s a TON of goodies to hold you over until next week. Check all this stuff out, and use it to create something impactful in the world!

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