Your Art And Creativity

Your art and creativity

Lately, in my personal time, I’m making an effort to be more focused on mindset and aware of how that affects everything else in life.

Of course, creativity, art, and making music is pretty much a perfect application for the discussion of midset.

So I felt it was worth sharing a few thoughts.

This last weekend, I spent Saturday afternoon in great conversation with a new friend and like-minded thinker. There were quite a few gems I took away from the conversation for further thinking.

Here’s a few:

Enjoy the journey
This is something I’ve been repeating to myself a lot lately. It’s helped me feel a whole lot more okay and generally content with where I am, and what happens in my life on a day-to-day basis.

Just enjoy your process and the path your journey to mastery or success takes you. The journey is the fun part. It’s where all the memories are made, and the part you will always reflect back on when you reach your ultimate goals.

Just be a white belt
This kinda goes along with enjoying the journey. Martial arts has become a big passion and a major part of my life. This has happened fairly recently-I’ve been training less than a year. So, clearly I’m a beginner. Since it’s new for me I end up making analogies or references to martial arts in normal conversation.

The point is to embrace your current status, and just be content being that. Learning never ends and true mastery of something is never fully achieved. Rather than focusing completely on the fact that you’re not at that next level you’re working towards, allow yourself to enjoy being what you are in this moment.

Yes, work hard and dedicate yourself. But live in this moment right now rather than constantly projecting into tomorrow or next year.

Experience, intuition, and experimentation
Creating art is an experiment. So much of this experiment is completely ungrounded and subjective. Therefore, it’s often times hard to know what’s good, what’s not good, and the purpose of a specific work of art.

The only absolute here is experience. Experience helps you develop your intuition. And your intuition helps you know when – and when not – to color outside the lines. Somewhere mixed in all this is ego. Experience helps here too.

So just do stuff. You don’t gain experience and develop everything else that comes after unless you constantly create, take risks, and experiment.

As I mentioned above, these are some ideals I’m currently reflecting on. None of the observations I made above come from a place of full understanding, but rather the best application I’m able to make in my mind in this current moment.


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