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I’ve just set sail on a new adventure… Podcasting… And I’m super pumped!

In addition to my producing/recording/mixing work, it seems I’ve always got some other irons in the fire. And currently, that is taking the shape of a brand new podcast, The Modern Recordist.

The Modern Recordist is a podcast devoted to the exploration and continual discussion around designing and living your life as a creative visionary. Each week we will venture on this journey, either in a casual hang out with a guest, or by diving into a specific topic for a few minutes in more of a monologue-structured format.

Hear stories and learn from the most innovative, inspired, and talented songwriters, music makers, and artists in the music scene. Spark your genius with actionable advice and takeaways. Become inspired and move to action as you design and live your life of a creative visionary.

I officially launched The Modern Recodist on June 1st with my friends and fellow producers/music makers, JD Tiner, who is my co-host on the show, and Parrish, who handles the engineering and technical deets for the show.

Check them each out online…

Find JD at

Find Parrish at

And check out Glass Onion Recording, the studio I do most my work out of, and the studio this podcast is recorded out of at


Straight out at launch, we put out three episodes of The Modern Recordist, which I have embedded directly in this post, so you can listen right now:

Episode 000 – All About The Modern Recordist – living your life of an extraordinary creative visionary

This is the introductory episode of the podcast that serves as the “About Us” episode. On this episode we discuss the intention of the show, and the who, what, when, and how of the show. Myself, JD, and Parrish each take a minute to introduce ourselves, and share a little bit about our work.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for the “when” and “how” concerns…

The Modern Recordist is a weekly podcast – we will be releasing a new episode every Monday. As mentioned above, this podcast is devoted to the discussion around designing and living your life as an extraordinary creative visionary. There will be two basic show formats – long form 90 minute episodes, where we will have a casual and entertaining, yet informative and insightful hang out with a live studio guest. Each guest will get to speak into the concept of living as a creative visionary, and what that means, with actionable advice and insights.

The alternate weeks will be for our short form, 15 minute episodes, called “The 15 Minute Mixdown”. These episodes will be a bit more structured, and explore the idea of living as a creative visionary in a more succinct installment, delivered as a kind of monologue, or speech (usually by me). Episode 000 gives you the full run-down of all these deets, so hit “play” in the embedded player above and take a listen.


Episode 001 – The process of writing songs, observing the world, and the daily life of a songwriter with Paul Sikes

This is the first official episode of The Modern Recordist! On this episode we sit down with our guest Paul Sikes, who is a songwriter, musician, and artist out of Nashville, TN. Paul has had cuts with groups like Emerson Drive, released two albums, including his latest “Out Of The Mud,” and has played on The Today Show a couple times.

On this episode we talk about methods for writing songs, and observing the world and having experiences that ultimately serve as fodder for song ideas. We also talk about Paul’s career trajectory and what it took for him to achieve these goals, the daily life of a songwriter, first concerts, weird jokes, weird secrets, and general goofing off. Paul plays a few songs too.

It was a fun, entertaining, and inspiring show. Go ahead and hit the embedded player above to listen now.

Check out Paul Sikes, listen to some music, and keep up on all the latest with him at

You can also grab his latest album, “Out Of The Mud” on iTunes at:


Episode 002 – The 15 Minute Mixdown: Having and Collecting Experiences

This episode of The Modern Recordist is the first ever edition of “The 15 Minute Mixdown”. In this episode, show host Jon Stinson (that’s me!) discusses the idea around the topic of having and collecting experiences. In episode 001 with Paul Sikes, we briefly touched on this topic, but this edition of The 15 Minute Mixdown serves as an opportunity to dive into the subject matter a bit more.

Inspired by a Bob Lefsetz blog post on a similar subject matter, I share my thoughts on the importance of collecting experiences, and suggest that we consider reframing how we think about our choices when seeking a corporate job vs working a low-skill, hourly job, and what that means for us as we design and live out our lives of extraordinary artistic visionaries.

It’s all cued up in the embedded player above. Just hit play and take a quick listen now.


I couldn’t be more excited for the summer, and what’s goin on with the podcast. We’re getting some great guests lined up for episodes throughout the summer, and we’re looking forward to diving into what it means to design our lives around living as extraordinary creative visionaries, and all we’re gonna get to learn from our guests, and share with you.

I’m a man of many hats, never content to just wear one, and this newest hat of “podcast host” I’m putting on, seems to be fitting quite nicely :-)

We’re currently in the launch phase of The Modern Recordist, and we want to make sure you know that we need your support. Specifically, if you are using iTunes to listen to podcasts, please make sure you are subscribed to The Modern Recordist on iTunes. You can do that by visiting this shortlink:

Make sure you leave us a rating and review as well, as that’s how we move up the charts and get a good presence in the iTunes Store!

And lastly, make sure you share The Modern Recordist with a friend, and urge them to get subscribed as well.

Keep your favorite podcasting app fired up, and keep an eye out every Monday for future episodes. More coming soon, and until then… Go live your extraordinary life of an artistic visionary, and create something impactful in the world!


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