The Modern Recordist podcast episode 003 – making records, touring, and the challenges of artistry with Kink Ador

Kink Ador Set Me Free Album Cover Art

This week’s episode of The Modern Recordist is a re-airing of an episode we recorded back in February, under a different podcast name. We ended up pulling it down when we decided to rebrand the show, but we’re now re-airing it to give it the exposure it deserves.

In this episode we hang out with the local Nashville indie rock band, Kink Ador. We discuss the challenge and struggle of artistry, share crazy stories about being on the road, and show some respect for the movie “Back To The Future”. The band even throws in a few live performances.

Go ahead and hit “play” and listen right now:

Check out Kink Ador’s upcoming tour dates, and listen to and buy their new album “Set Me Free” on the band’s website:


The Modern Recordist is the brand new podcast of Jon Stinson (that’s me!) and JD Tiner, brought to you out of Glass Onion Recording in Nashville, TN

If you’ve been reading this blog or hanging around this site for any amount of time, you know that I’m a producer/recording engineer/mixing engineer working out of Nashville, TN. Check out my album credits by hitting my Projects page, and grab some simple tips for recording drums on my Recording Drums 101 resource page.

JD Tiner is the main man behind Glass Onion Recording, the studio that we record The Modern Recordist podcast out of, and the studio Jon Stinson (again, that’s me!) calls home base. Glass Onion Recording is a vibey, creative spot in Nashville, TN, with a great selection of vintage analog gear, modern alalog gear, and digital gear that is an extension of Jon and JD’s philosophy on recording.

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Engineering responsibilities for The Modern Recordist are handled by Parrish. Check him out at and check out Villian Place, a production company, recording studio, and record label Parrish is involved in


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