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It’s been a very looooong! time coming… After literally years of trying to get it done I’ve finally managed to launch my official website. Built and designed by Jeff Schuette, and the team over at Hart+Vine, this will be my new online home for blogging, and all things relating to music production, recording, mixing, and art.

I’ve never had a central place that showcased what I do and gave people an easy way to find out more about me. This site will definitely serve as that place. The biggest focus for this site, though, is going to be on what I can ultimately do to help you create brilliant music in the recording studio, as well as contribute and create meaning in the music and art culture.

I’m excited to finally have my own home on the web – a place that feels like its me and communicates my style, and a place that I can continue to make a contribution to the culture, regardless of whether or not we’re creating together.

Make sure you stay connected with me. Here’s some ways you can do that:
By using the contact page on this site
By signing up on my list to get my emails (form is on the home page)
By subscribing to my RSS feed (button is at the top right of the site)

And there’s the social stuff too…

Twitter: @stsn

Look forward to making music with you…


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