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This week I’ve been jamming Diiv. Diiv started as a solo project of Zachary Cole Smith, who plays guitar in the band Beach Fossils, but the side-project has since grown into a full-on band. Their sound is right in the blend between post-punk and shoegaze, which is good enough for me to include in one of my shoegaze posts.

I love how Diiv uses simple angular guitar melodies, which are slightly varied between the two guitars to fill out the rhythm section.

The song “Doused” is a highly post-punk slanted dark-ish song which serves as a great example of this angular guitar approach. Other highlights include the driving bass that infuses energy into the track, and the white-noise-sounding snare. Finishing it all off is the fast paced vocals drenched in delay and reverb – a shoegaze signature.

Recommended uses: running and/or skating through the midnite streets, hanging out in dark caves with friends, or throwing late nite trashy garage parties and terrorizing the neighborhood

Diiv debut album, Oshin is out now via Captured Tracks:
Buy Oshin on Amazon

Diiv official website:


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