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promotional picture of the band Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited is fronted by David Miller, former drummer of Mother/Father, who I used to produce/manage along with Jacquire King a few years back.

Doing a post featuring Future Unlimited is way overdue, but during the time Dave launched this project I had taken a break from blogging. Now that they’re playing more shows-specifically around the Nashville area-it kind of cajoled me to realize that I should do a shoegaze post about the band.

In the short couple years that they have been together, Future Unlimited have have had some pretty notable achievements. Namely, inspiring Shia LaBeouf to write and direct a music video for their song “Haunted Love”.

The “Haunted Love” video is super dark and cinematic, showcasing a side of LaBeouf that I honestly didn’t know existed. It definitely left me wanting more. And knowing that it was originally conceived to be a short film doesn’t help. I wanna see the rest of this, guys!

I’m glad to see Dave stepping back into the front man position. Directly after Mother/Father, I recorded a small batch of songs that Dave provided the lead vocals on. Although Dave has been somewhat reserved about his singing, I’ve always loved his musical ideas, and his approach to synth/vocal melodies and sounds. I think he has a great voice and is definitely an inspiring musician who has opened my eyes to a broader range of musical influences and bands out there.

Future Unlimited is primarily made up of David Miller and Samuel D’Amelio, with support from Matth McCord, Jim O’Shea, and Gabriel Pigg.

Recommended uses: haunting midnite jam outs and mansion parties


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