Sunday Shoegaze – Still Corners

Still Corners Cuckook Cover Art

A shoegaze band I’ve been jamming kinda regular lately is Still Corners. Their song “Cuckoo” is so perfect in a sort of dark, sort of spooky, sort of sexy kinda way.

This particular track kinda has a Beach House vibe to it, and the video is like a brilliant psychedelic ghostly dream.

I’m a sucker for soft and mysterious female vocals, and “Cuckoo” is pretty much the perfect display. The sparseness in the instrumentation filled in with such haunting melodies creates dark space that soaks you into a lush state.

Recommended uses: 2:00am small group hangouts, losing yourself under headphones in the very back of the van while on tour, lucid dreaming, hanging out with ghosts, and inspiration for writing

Still Corners Bandcamp Page
Still Corners Tumblr Page


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