Gimmicks Vs Signatures

Gimmicks vs Signatures

Some things in art are gimmicks. Such as the Auto Tune “robot voice” effect everyone was using a little while back.

Some things in art are signatures. Such as Johnny Cash wearing all back all the time.

Critics will troll you, saying that your signature is a sell-out move.

That you’re just a one trick pony.

That you lack any true talent or artistic substance.

Fans will adopt your signatures, and dress like you at shows

Signatures are an important part of your art. I would argue that you can only have one true signature, with perhaps a few supporting minor characteristics.

The real challenge, when it comes to signatures, is two-fold.

First, is being able to take an objective look at your art, so that you can be honest about where you’re coming from. Is what you’re doing truly a signature, or might it be a gimmick?

Once you have figured out what your signature is, the second part of the challenge is resisting the urge to use your signature as a crutch-to get so comfortable with it that you stop taking risks, develop a status-quo mentality, and ultimately fail to create something remarkable for your fans.

Signatures allow you the confidence to create honest art, bred from the essence of who you are.

Signatures are matirialized out of the fundamental, they are part of your artistic DNA.

Signatures act as a source of inspiration.

Signatures are an important part of your art. They are clues to your identity. Without them you can’t really tell a story or create meaning with fans.

What is your signature?


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