The Modern Recordist EP: 020 – How To Deal With Impostor Syndrome – The 15 Minute Mixdown

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It’s another edition of The 15 Minute Mixdown! This one is very short. Sometimes The 15 Minute Mixdown goes a bit long, but this week it ended up being on the shorter end of things-about 9 minutes.

Listen Now:

This one is all about Impostor Syndrome, that self image issue we often deal with that holds us back, and makes us question our ability to lead and create meaning. On this episode, I quickly discusses what Impostor Syndrome is, and some ideas for how to deal with it.

This one is a powerful episode packed with heavy hitting ideas, not only to think about, but to take action on. All in just a quick few minutes.

Getting your mindset and self image in a healthy place is key to living your life as an extraordinary artistic visionary, and as someone who creates meaning with those around them. Take just a few minutes to listen to this episode now, and get some tips on where and how to take action.

When you’re done listening, I’ve got some bonus material for you… This link points you to an incredible article, from the Startup Bros website, with more information on Impostor Syndrome, and how to deal with it: 21 Proven Ways To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

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The Modern Recordist is a podcast devoted to the exploration and continual discussion around designing and living your life as an extraordinary artistic visionary. Each week Jon Stinson, JD Tiner, and Parrish will venture on this journey, either in a casual hang out with a guest, or by diving into a specific topic for a few minutes in more of a monologue-structured format.

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