The Modern Recordist Podcast EP: 013 – The invention of SynthTable, creative mindset, and the evolution of electronic music with BlackCat Sylvester

The Modern Recordist - Episode 013 with Blackcat Sylvester

Welcome back to The Modern Recordist, lucky number 13!

On this episode of The Modern Recordist, we have BlackCat Sylvester, a Nashville based producer, performer, and inventor of the SynthTable, a unique instrument that turns a DJ’s turntable rig into a melodic synthesizer.

Listen now:

We talk about the creative life and what it’s like to wear a lot of hats, such as walking in the shoes of a music producer, performer, writer, and visionary inventor. BlackCat Sylvester shares what his writing process is like, the evolution of electronic music, how mindset influences your creativity and ingenuity, what SynthTable is and how he came up with the idea, and of course, shares some of his music with us. Oh yeah, and “Lorin Ashton” shenanigans (just listen, it will make sense).

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