The Modern Recordist podcast EP: 042 – Removing the psychological drag of past decisions – The Producer’s Notes

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This time on The Producer’s Notes, I share some thoughts around my struggles on how I have a tendency to “live in the past,” the psychological drag that brings about, and what I do to break through this limiting behavior pattern.

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The most tricky part of this type of “living in the past” that I describe on this episode, is that often times it’s really the “past” of 5 minutes ago or 30 minutes ago that we’re hung up on. This kind of thing often holds us back without us even noticing.

It’s like the boxer who loses a couple rounds in the title fight. He has a choice to make: he can either focus on the current round, and how he’s going to win it. Or he can obsess over what went wrong in those previous rounds, and let that destroy his confidence.

Listen now to get some ideas for how you can relive yourself of this type of psychological drag, keep your head in the game, and maximize your momentum towards living your artistic vision – to ultimately create impact with your music.

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